Devlog 3

Since nonplayercat is frantically busy preparing for Day of the Devs tomorrow, I’ll be covering some of what we have (read: she has) been working on since our last big update in September:

Fanart basket 2nd edition

Here’s some more wonderful fanart! Take a look at this amazing sculpt of Shrumbo by @XCK3D, who was even interviewed by 80 Level about it!

Day of the Devs

Rebecca is going to be showing off a very early build of Moblets at Day of the Devs on Nov 5!


The wonderful and talented Bree Lundberg made this amazing Moblets sticker design:

Fanart basket 1st edition

Every time we get fanart we get so excited. It’s so crazy to think people like our stuff enough to make their own art about it! It’s even crazier when it’s super high quality work like all of these:

-by JAMO

Devlog 2

So it turns out I’m not very good at writing devlogs. It’s been far too long! I’ve gotten way more done since the last devlog than could fit in a single reasonable writeup. We’re talking tons of new characters, new moblets, new buildings, new systems, new everything!

Devlog 1

What a nutty month!

I started Moblets as a little break from my other game-in-progress, IT Simulator, but now it’s taken on a big ole’ life of its own.

Here’s the premise: Farming… plus… creatures. Imagine Harvest Moon meets Pokemon. It just seems so obvious!

So here’s what I’ve already gotten done:

Two characters