We're on our way!! These are some of our current goals but not promises about our schedule. Things always take way longer than you might expect so we could be way off on these estimates. We'll try to adjust the schedule as we get a better idea of things.

July 2020 - Launch

Our launch version was **0.3.42**. We somehow managed to make **25 patches** in the month following release!

September 2020 - Personal Achievement AKA the Baby Update

Baby! We had one!

October 2020 - v0.4 Nullwhere Update

Our first major content update, the **v0.4 Nullwhere Update**! Nullwhere's a visitable region with a new story, new ooblets, new crops, and new recipes. We also did a Halloween trick-or-treat event.

December 2020 - v0.5 Coldyrain Update

New update adding snow, frozen crops, heaters, snowplops, and Wuddlin!

February 2021 - v0.6 The Wildlands Update

Now you can visit the Wildlands in Badgetown, retrieve deposited ooblets, revitalize the area and unlock new mini-areas within, like the Spicyspear Scrub, Droneydrip Pond, and Nurnycrop Crag. New items, lore, recipes, and a lot of bugfixes.

March 2021 - v0.7 Quality of Life Update

Widescreen support, a kettle to make drinks, 3D printing, thing on a thing (placing figurines and other decor on tables and bookshelves), day skipping tea, bugfixes, and a bunch of improvements.

June 2021 - v0.8 Port Forward Update

Port Forward as a visitable region full of mini-games, new ooblets, new items, new crops, recipes, working lamps, layered furniture, and more.

November 2021 - v0.9 Secret Update

Pantsabear Hill region, Daily Oob Dirigible, rollerskates, a new mini-game, Bibbin, new decor/furniture/clothes, and continuation of meta story.

Mid 2022 - v1.0 Full Launch!

With a new visitable region and conclusion of the meta story