2017: An Ooblets Year In Review

Hello friends! Rebecca & Ben here with a little summary of our year now that it has come to a close.

We only started working on Ooblets near the end of 2016, so the majority of Ooblets stuff has basically happened in 2017. It’s been a super important/insane year for us, full of highs and lows, new friends, new ways of thinking about things, and experiences we were never expecting. Let’s talk about them!

Devlog 10: A Mishmash of Updates!

We were planning on doing another video for this devlog but we’re just too busy/lazy to go through all that this month, so instead you have this dreary gif instead. We’ll try to get a video out for the next devlog so you don’t forget what our beautiful voices sound like.

Let’s see what we got up to recently:

Announcing the Ooblets Merch Store!

No need to read any further, just click heeeere!

But if you wanna read further, let’s talk. Okay, so Ooblets might not be available for a long time and I’m sure you’ve already wishlisted it on Steam, but what else can you do to satisfy your NEED for Ooblets??

Answer: You can cover yourself from head to toe in officially branded Ooblets merch!*

*Assuming you’re putting pins and stickers on your hats, pants, and shoes or wrapping yourself in posters because we don’t have any branded clothes besides tees yet

Yes, the Ooblets Merch Store is now live and you can find it by clicking here!

Devlog 9: New crops, new ooblets, and a new vlog(ish)

We’re baaaack!

In case you noticed the inconsistency, the vlog numbering not matching up with the devlog numbering is just how we roll.

We’ve done a lot of stuff over the past month so let’s dig right in:

Devlog 8: This time, a video

Why do we keep putting ourselves through this??


Devlog 7: Not a video

Well this is embarrassing…

We had this great idea to do this devlog as a video because we figured it would be a fast way to go through everything we worked on without having to make gifs and screenshots and stuff, and people would get to know us better!

It turns out, the only thing you’d get to know about us in said video is that we’re incapable of making videos.

After spending like 4 hours setting everything up and doing about 200 takes, we decided vlogging wasn’t for us. Our inability to even get the introductory “hey!” right would amaze and bewilder you.

With our tails between our legs, here’s what we were going to go over in the video:

Ooblets at E3!

We can finally spill the beans! Microsoft has invited us to show an early demo of Ooblets on the show floor of E3!

To give you some background, just back in March of 2016, Ben (perplamps) and I were just beginning to formulate our plans for our game studio and we were figuring that there would be a long slow build-up of making little games nobody heard or cared about until maybe one of our games would spark some interest and people might start taking us seriously…

Cut to today and we’re showing our first game off at E3! Things have happened so fast we can’t really make sense of it.

We just launched our Steam page so you can wishlist Ooblets now!

IT’S REAL! Get excited! (But don’t get too excited, because the game is still planned for a 2018 release) Now we gots ourselves a Steam page so you can wishlist, follow, or just stare longingly at it.

Clicky here okay yes weeeeee

On that page there’s a lil button that’s all like Add to your wishlist and I need you to CLICK. THAT. BUTTON. I know I’m asking for a lot of clicks of you but I think you’re up to the task.

If you don’t see that button, it’s probably because you’re not logged into Steam so you might definitely need to do that, too.

Devlog 6: Berry Busy Babbos

It’s been about a month since the last devlog and it’s probably been our craziest month so far. We’ve posted about some of the stuff that’s happened, but we’ll recap everything here:

Our first ever GDC!

Ben (@perplamps) here, writing during the fourth hour of our plane ride back across the country. We’re coming back from the Game Developers Conference, which is a huge all-week event in San Francisco where people in the game dev community run talks, show off their games, schedule a billion meetings, and go to way too many parties.

I figured I’d do a bit of a recap of our experience and some random post-GDC thoughts since it was Rebecca’s and my first ever GDC (and she’s asleep)!

What we did: