Gameplay mechanics reveal!

Back in June, we revealed that we were changing our battle system over to a dance battle system. One thing we didn’t go into was how it actually played…

We’ve been working really hard on the actual mechanics of the dance battles for a while and we’re finally ready to show you where we’re up to.

Introducing Clomper and Tud (and other stuff) - The July 2018 Devlog

Howdo Ooblets friends! It’s me, Rebecca with another update on all the stuff we’ve been working on. It’s been a super busy month for us making a lot of major improvements to things, but who cares about all that when we’ve got NEW OOBLETS:

Moving into an office, E3, friendship, and more - The June 2018 Devlog

Howdo! It’s yer bud Rebecca, the programmer and lead artist on Ooblets.

In case you’re new to our gamebaby Ooblets, it’s a farming, town life, and creature collection game that we’re squishing all our personality and hearts into. We’re trying to get it ready for release by the end of the year but it might get pushed later, we just don’t know!

Here’s what’s what from this month:

The secret Ooblets feature we've been working on...

For quite a while, we’ve been working super hard on a big new feature/reimagining of a core gameplay mechanic in the game, and we’re finally ready to reveal it.

We try to have a very open development and not keep secrets from our audience, but we thought this particular big feature needed a bit of work before we could properly show it off. Plus, we figured it would be fun to do a little sudden reveal!

But now we think it’s ready to share, so here it is:

Read on to get the full scoop:

Ooblets at E3 2018 (and new pins!)

We’re very very happy to announce that Ooblets will be part of the E3 festivities this year!

Secrets revealed…

There’s gonna be a fun reveal of some secret stuff we’ve been working hard on in the game at the PC Gaming Show.

It takes place on Monday at 3pm PT so don’t miss it!

May 2018 Devlog

It’s ya girl Rebecca here, trying to sound cool (I’m still workshopping personal intros).

So it’s the end of another month and that means that the only thing you’ve been looking forward to all this time—another Ooblets devlog—is here.

Despite spending most of our time working on something super top secret that we’ll be revealing around E3 (which I’ll talk a bit more about below), we actually still ended up with a decent amount of cool things I can show you.

Take a look IF YOU DARE:

April 2018 Devlog

Howdo, sprouts! I’m Rebecca (aka @nonplayercat) the programmer and artist on Ooblets here to fill you in on what’s been going on with our lives and the game’s development over the past month.

March 2018 Devlog

Welcome to the highly-anticipated March Devlog. And what a wonderful March we’re having! It’s the beginning of spring here, there’s no international trade war, and we’re all having a great time doing typical March things.

Okay okay so we’re a little late getting this devlog out but we’ve been told that’s just how indie games go 🤷

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump right in to all the fun stuff we’ve been up to:

February 2018 Devlog

Real quick before we start, you should join our newsletter! We haven’t sent any yet but I think we’re going to soon.

Hello! It’s me Ben writing to you. In case you’re unfamiliar, I do the game design, writing, and other odds and ends on the game. Rebecca does the programming and art, and we also have a couple wonderful freelancers to fill in the gaps.

January 2018 Devlog: A new town on the water, nooblets, machines, shops, and GLEAMIES

What a month it’s been! We’ve gotten so much done on the game that it’s crazy to look back on everything– but that’s EXACTLY WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO!

Check out the video above, which admittedly isn’t very good in terms of dev vlogs or vlogs or videos in general I guess… but it’s all we can seem to make.

So what have we been upppp tooooo? Read on in what we hope will be delight, fair oobfans: