December 2019 Devlog

We thought we’d do something a little different this December, and post a normal devlog and a year in review separately because we didn’t get around to posting anything for November and didn’t want to skip out on two months of devlogs in a row.

We were all over the place this month, with progress on the intro, battle system, UI/UX, and balancing.

October 2019 Devlog

I really wish we had worked on some spooky stuff this month… but instead we were mainly focused on things like the dance battles and intro. Luckily we’ve still got some halloweeny stuff from last year that we’ll have to live vicariously through for a second:

OKAY so back to what we were actually working on…

September 2019 Devlog

Hey everyone! We’ve been busy getting back in the swing of things and working hard on the game.

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up when I say this, but we’ve had a pretty playable version of the game for a while now. This has let us get some folks playtesting and giving us their feedback to help us figure out what we need to work on, and it’s honestly still a lot left to do!

Regarding what's been happening

We took a bit of time to compile our thoughts about what’s been going on since we first announced that we’d be launching on Epic. You can read it now at the following Medium link.

Before you click through to it, please be warned that the content includes screenshots that are very, very vulgar and upsetting and would not be appropriate for anyone sensitive to things like that (which is why we didn’t post it here in our devlog).

We did the thing

Everyone kept talking about this “Epic” thing, so we thought we’d see what it’s all about.

Here’s what these Epic folks are doing: First they teach every kid in the world these obnoxious dances and now they’re offering funding to game developers in exchange for PC exclusivity on their game store.

This is exactly what Marx warned us about!

Just imagine if other companies got it in their head to offer funding in exchange for exclusives. What’d be next? Game consoles paying for games to be exclusive on their consoles? Netflix paying for exclusive shows? Newspapers paying for exclusive articles? It’d be some sort of late capitalist dystopia.

Okay so goofing aside, yes, we’ve signed with Epic for PC launch exclusivity. It’s incredible news for us and I’m hoping you all can be excited about it, too.

We asked Epic if we could talk frankly about the situation and they were like whatever, so here’s a bit of insight into what this all means and why we did it:

June 2019 Devlog

This month has been punctuated by some big news that’s kinda Ooblets-adjacent as well as some fun new stuff in the game itself. We’re working as hard as we can to get the game finished (and fun) while also having a tiny itsy bitsy life outside of Ooblets, too.

May 2019 Devlog

This month has involved more secrets than we typically like to deal in… We’d love to tell everyone all the stuff that’s going on, but if something doesn’t work out we don’t want to have to walk it all back and look like real dumdums.

There are also some secrets we’re keeping because they’re fun to reveal later, like hypothetical new ooblets…

April 2019 Devlog

Hello again! I try to write up a summary at the end of every month of what we’ve accomplished and dealt with. This past month has involved a lot of… unexciting changes, like balancing, bugfixing, filling in missing animations, and UI tweaks—but that’s a good thing!

If the number of systems I’m adding or drastically changing is decreasing, it means we’re not sooo far from a launch (there were still a couple of new systems we added though…)

So what have we been up to in April?

March 2019 Devlog!

Hi everyone! I know we’ve been a bit quiet this past month. It’s because we’ve been preoccupied with a bunch of Ooblets stuff that’s not left us a lot of time to be very social on social media… BUT we’re planning on carving out more time going forward to share a lot more with you.

So what’d we get up to in March?

February 2019 Devlog!

I know we’ve been a bit quieter than usual this month, which is because we’ve been super busy! The good news is that means everything is actually coming together!