A pretty weird game about
farming, creature collection, and dancing

Ooblets is coming to Switch this summer!

We're super thrilled to finally let everyone know that Ooblets will be launching on the Nintendo Switch later this summer! We made a whole new announcement trailer for the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, which is linked below.

0.99 Player Shop Update!

We couldn’t help ourselves and decided to sneak ANOTHER secret update out, this one completely unannounced!

As the name suggests, this update brings a long-awaited major new feature as well as a few other goodies! Read on to learn about everything we’ve added.

Our first ever Wintertime Limited Event

Right on the heels of our huge 0.9 Update, we've got a Wintertime limited event running throughout December.

Collect bobbles around Badgetown to exchange in our capsule machines (we call them gotsapons) to snag a bunch of new sweaters, ooblet accessories, and other stuff!

0.9 SECRET Update out now!

We called this the secret update because we weren't sure what would be in it when we originally wrote our roadmap, but now that the update is finished we have a pretty good idea of what's in it!

If you'd still like to keep up the air of mystery, feel free to stop reading here and just jump into the game to see what's new. Otherwise, here it all is:

v0.8.23 Sitting Update!

They said it couldn't be done. That it was preposterous. But we didn't believe them.

We decided to prove them wrong by dedicating all our resources and efforts towards one impossible goal. It took our R&D department years, but we didn't falter. We knew there'd be a breakthrough eventually, and we were right. We did it. We actually did it.

You can now SIT. ON. CHAIRS.

v0.8.11 Mini Update

Per-room wallpaper and floors!

Thanks for making the Port Forward launch earlier in June such a fun experience! Our next big milestone is the v0.9 "Secret Update" for later this year, but before then, we're going to be releasing a couple smaller bugfix and content patches, like this one, 0.8.11!

The big new change is per-room wallpaper and flooring in the player house. We know a bunch of folks have been asking for it so we're super happy to be able to support it now.

Another big thing we added isn't player-facing, but is kinda important: Backup save files. All it does is create a copy of your save file in a secondary folder (in Documents) each time you quit the game. We added this because we're hoping to turn cloud-synced saving back on at some point in the future but there's a chance that doing so could mess with some folks' save files, so we wanted a backup solution if things go wrong.

v0.8 Port Forward Update

New region, ooblets, mini-games, crops, recipes, decor, and more!

The update is out now!

We worked super hard on this update so we hope you like it. It's a pretty big departure from the gameplay of our other regions, so we're terrified about excited for everyone's feedback! Be sure to share your high scores in our discord or on twitter!

There's a lot of new stuff, from the Port Forward region itself to six new mini-games, new ooblets, new shops, new decor, new systems, new stoves, new recipes, gah there's so much! Check the list at the bottom of this post for a more complete accounting of everything.

v0.7 Quality of Life Update Out Now!

Widescreen support, sub-item placement, day skipping, figurine printing, and more!

👉 Watch a quick promo video of the big changes here 👈

While we've been working on the Port Forward Update, we've been amassing a bunch of improvements and fixes that we didn't want everyone waiting too long for, so we're releasing this update in the meantime before the Port Forward Update comes out.

This is a pretty big update even if it might not seem like it on the surface. We've fixed loads of bugs, some tiny and some pretty glaring, and made a bunch of improvements across the board, like widescreen support, movable full chests, and placing items on tables/shelves. There's even some new content/systems like soothysip which lets you go to sleep whenever you want, a kettle to brew it, a 3D printer, and a set of lil decor items to unlock in an unconventional way...

Upcoming Updates!

We've got some exciting stuff planned for this year and we've been hard at work to get it all to you!

So some big news is we've expanded the team a while back with the addition of Rich, who's an incredible programmer and artist. He's been helping us keep the pace with development as the new baby takes up a lot of our time.

We're tweaking our plans a bit by sneaking in an interim update before the big Port Forward update. There are a lot of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements we've been making lately that we didn't want to sit on until we did all of the Port Forward content, so we're going to be getting those out the door as a separate update first. The Port Forward update is still planned for mid-year. So the next things on the roadmap are:

0.6 Wildlands Update

The Wildlands are here! What started as just a quick update to allow you to retrieve your deposited ooblets has turned into something quite a bit bigger.

We put in a whole redevelopment system that tasks you with rehoming specific types of ooblets to the Wildlands in order to revitalize the area and unlock new mini-areas within, like the Spicyspear Scrub, Droneydrip Pond, and Nurnycrop Crag.

There's a new oobcoop to unlock, some new recipes, and a whole bunch of bugfixes! Changelog below: