A pretty weird game about
farming, creature collection, and dancing

Spring 2024 Update!

This update has bugfixes, some new Spring event rewards, and a bunch of quality of life improvements that we've heard lots of requests for, so we're excited to see what everyone thinks!

💐 The Glimmyglobe crafting system is back with new rewards:

  • 4 new potted plants to decorate your house with
  • 1 new floor style for your house
  • 1 new costume we think you’ll really like!

🗒️ Notes!

  • Notes is a history of previously opened mail and a log of the discoverables you’ve encountered. It’s accessible right from the grumboire.

🔀 Sorting!

  • You can now sort your inventory and containers! Finally!

🏠 Oobcoop pop-up UI

  • See which ooblets are assigned to an oobcoop without having to enter it!

🌻 Event info on main menu

  • Now you can see if there’s an event running and when it will end from the main menu

🐛 Bugfixes!

  • Missing textures in Spring Event system
  • News item fallback display issues
  • Fancy dress shoe display issue
  • Tippytop coat not always being given
  • Workaround added for if people get stuck in certain Badgetown modes
  • Fixed issue where sometimes players get stuck in oobnet panels with no way to exit
  • Fixed tooltip/prompt for rotating items on shelves being incorrect for KBM users
  • Fixed various issues with UI being misaligned to world items on non 16:9 aspect ratios

v1.4 Oobmobiles Update out now!

v1.4 Oobmobile Update

Check out this lil promo vid we made for the update!

This entire update stems from us having no impulse control and running with every dumb idea that crosses our minds.

We were debating about what incentive we could provide for folks to fully level up ooblets without goofing with the dance battle balancing, and it came down to either a congratulatory “got-to-level-10” hat they could wear orrrr…

Ooblets now out on Steam!

We’re really excited to announce that Ooblets is now out on Steam!

The game runs really well on Steam Deck from our testing.

Our lovely, skilled, & talented collaborators Hassan DuRant and James McGregor did an incredible job putting together this quite intense trailer to go along with the launch.

It’s so exciting to see everyone sharing fanart, livestreaming the game, and sharing their experiences with Ooblets, and we’re happy so many more people are discovering it for the first time.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming v1.4 Oobmobiles Update that’s launching soon and be sure you’ve joined our email club and discord to be notified when that and other important things happen!

The Ooblets Halloween Event is ALIVE!!

🎃 The 2023 Halloween Event is now live on all* platforms! 🎃

We made a lil promo video for the event that you can watch here.

This is our biggest event ever with so so much new stuff:

  • 🔮 New costumes, clothes, decor, & furniture (some lightly haunted)
  • 🧪 Potion-brewing to craft those new items
  • 🪦 Badgetown’s got a huge spooky makeover
  • 🧛 The townsfolk are wearing costumes!
  • 👻 A brand new event-limited spooky ooblet!
  • 🍂 Temporary seasonal colors/lighting
  • 🦴 Dowsing licorice sticks to find skellybits and golden skellybits
  • 🍬 AND trick-or-treabie-ing is back along with the last year’s Halloween collectables in case anyone missed them (also the graveyard riddles are back!)

The event will run until Nov 15th, but we might extend it a bit further.

Happy spooky month everyone!!

  • ⚠️ v1.3 requires a manual update on Switch due to a Switch-specific Dance Barn softlock bug, so if you’re okay with not using the Dance Barn for about a week while we get a patch through cert, update now to get the new event content! Otherwise you’ll see last year’s smaller Halloween event.

Ooblets is coming to Steam!

Plus a spooky major update!

Our cozy & weird farming, creature collection, RPG, life sim, dance-battler, deck-building card strategy, adventure, friendship… everything game is finally arriving on Steam!

It’s happening October 5th, which is very soon! Wishlist it now so you’ll get notified the moment it goes live:

🌟 Ooblets on Steam 🌟

If you’re new to Ooblets, there are A LOT of things to do but no pressure to do them in any rush. If you get stuck, run into a bug, or find something confusing, join our discord or send us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re already an Ooblets player and it’s been a while since you’ve played, there are so many new things we’ve added through past updates!

And on top of all that, we’re going to be launching ANOTHER content update at the start of October:

The v1.3 Halloween Event Update

The update completely revamps (or re-🧛‍♀️s) our yearly Halloween event, which we already tend to go all-out on. Here’s what’s in store for the event:

Shrumbo Plushies Available Now!

🍄 Grab your own shrumbo!

We teamed up with the awesome folks at Fangamer to make Ooblets plushies!

The shrumbo plushes are already shipping, so order one right now! (clicky)

There are also fan-favorite glanter and clomper plushies arriving very soon, so be sure to join the Ooblets email club or sign up to be notified through Fangamer (on the clomper and glanter pages, click the "NOTIFY ME" buttons!)

Note for EU peeps: Shrumbo won't be available on the EU Fangamer store until October, but you can order it from the US store if you can't wait

Spring Event Update

🌸 The Spring Event Update has bloomed! 🌸

💐 The Spring Event will run from now through May 31st, 2023, and once it’s over you’ll have to wait another year to get another chance at all the exclusive things.

We went all out with this event with a bunch of new stuff. If you want to discover it all on your own, you should probably stop reading right about here, but otherwise continue on to see what’s new:

Wintertime Event and Holiday Sale!

Collect festive bobbles in Badgetown to exchange for cozy apparel, accessories, and more - including brand new items for 2022.

This event runs until December 31st so now's a great time to jump in!

🎁 Holiday Sale! ❄️

We've also got a big discount running from Dec 23 through Jan 1 on the Nintendo Switch eShop in case you haven't picked up Ooblets yet!

If you're in Europe or Australia, the sale dates are Dec 15 through Dec 29.

Ooblets 1.0 is out now!

Ooblets is now officially out of early access and launched on the Nintendo Switch!!

You can buy it right now here:

To celebrate, we’ve put together a “What is Ooblets?” trailer for folks to learn about the game here. It’s narrated by our very wonderful pal Lizzie (LDShadowLady).

New players are hopefully in for a really great time and early access players will be able to experience a LOT of new stuff. A LOT. There are new places to visit, a conclusion to the main storyline, massive balancing changes, new customization stuff, and so much more. Check the bottom of this post for a changelog of just some of what’s new/changed.

We’ve been working on Ooblets for the last six years and it’s so exciting to finally reach this milestone. And don’t worry, we’re not done working on the game! Besides bugfix patches, we’re still planning on adding more content going forward. We think up new and progressively goofier stuff to add to the game every day.

The biggest thanks

Thank you to everyone who has played the game in early access or waited patiently for 1.0/Switch.

There are so many people who have contributed to Ooblets and we can’t thank them enough. From Patreon supporters to the people who have worked with us on art, animation, music, porting, release management, contracts, bookkeeping, and all the many things that make up game development—Ooblets couldn’t have been made without you!

Ooblets 1.0 releasing on September 1st!

We started working on Ooblets six years ago and have come so far. Now we're finally launching our 1.0 and coming to the Nintendo Switch, on:

🌟🎉 September 1st!! 🎉🌟

You can preorder now for Nintendo Switch here!

We're so thankful for all your support and can't wait for everyone to play through the full game. Whether you're an early access player or playing for the first time, there's going to be so many things to explore and do!

We also have pre-orders open with Fangamer for a physical edition of Ooblets for Switch coming later this year that will come with goodies like a foldout map of Badgetown, postcard-style prints, and a sticker sheet (exclusive to Fangamer pre-orders) You can check that out here!