Ooblets has a lot of words and things you might want to know!

Basic stuff

  • Ooblet - A creature that grows out of the ground and has a face
  • Ooblets - The plural of ooblet and also the name of a certain upcoming game
  • Oob - The land of ooblets and other assorted things
  • Oobish - The language of Oob
  • Followbabies - Your team of active ooblets
  • Treabies - Delicious foods
  • Grumboire - A semi-magical book-like thingydoodle that keeps track of stuff for you
  • Nurnies - Random doohickeys that are integral to machine creation and maintenance
  • Beanjuice - A drink made out of squished beans that gives you energy and bad breath
  • Spressy - Like beanjuice but fancier
  • Oobnet - The telecomputing network spanning parts of Oob
  • Puter - A machine that lets you buy things you don't need
  • Gummies - The currency of Oob
  • Gleamies - Super fancy special looking ooblets
  • Oobcoop - A little house for ooblets

Ooblet clubs

  • Frunbuns - The club of cute. Makers of treabies and lovers of sparkles
  • Peaksnubs - The elite club of leaders and future leaders. Makers of fertilizer
  • Mossprouts - The outdoorsy adventurer club. They handle ooblet questing
  • Mimpins - The tech-focused awkwardista club. They make machines


  • Howdo - A common Oobish greeting
  • Dailyo - Another common Oobish greeting
  • Goshzookie - A common Oobish exclamation
  • My squishin' heart - An Oobish exclamation of endearment


  • Badgetown - A quiet town at the edge of Oob
  • Mamoonia - A desert region outside Badgetown
  • Kibbon-bon - A clothing shop in Badgetown
  • Snups - A hair salon in Badgetown
  • Manatwee - A furniture shop in Badgetown
  • Cuddlecups - A cafe in Badgetown

Other junk

  • Kibbon - A mythical creature (not an ooblet) that's a mixture of a kitten and a gibbon