Here are our development changelogs! The newest ones are at the top. Sometimes the versions on different platforms will lag a little bit while we do platform-specific testing and get through the certification process.

Wintertime Event Update 0.9.5


  • Added winter event gotsapons
  • Added winter event bobbles
  • Added 6 new winter sweaters
  • Added 4 new winter ooblet accessories
  • Added twinkle lights for player house
  • Added twinkle lights to badgetown during winter event
  • Added winter event jinglebread cookies
  • Snow on Main Menu during winter
  • Improved performance in Pantsabear Hill
  • Improved performance in Mamoonia for people who have chosen lower graphics quality settings
  • Npcs should not give recipe pieces if there are no more recipes available to learn
  • Made recipe pieces reconstitootable
  • Fixed issue where typesetting game would break
  • Prevent player from visiting remote regions if a region storyline is nearly complete to prevent race condition for cutscenes
  • Pantsabear figurine pants are the correct color now
  • More fixes to prevent farming cursor being invisible
  • Fixed OHC seal being blocked by npc’s ooblets in cutscene
  • Fixed issue where pantsabear is considered an elswair Ooblet
  • Fixed rare items not sparkling
  • Fixed pantsabear hill clothing missing from Kibbonbon
  • Fixed Eoieen’s shop not replenishing each day



  • Pantsabear Hill region
  • Daily Oob Dirigible mini-region
  • Typesetting mini-game
  • 3 new Tinstle Tasks
  • Roller skates for player
  • Roller skates for ooblets
  • New ooblet: Bibbin
  • New clothing
  • New furniture
  • New decor
  • New ooblet accessories
  • Changed: How ooblets are ordered in almanac
  • Changed: Backpack upgrades apply to all backpacks
  • Changed: Port Forward game hack costs lowered
  • Changed: Gleamy rain now waters crops
  • Fixed: Gimble’s pantsabear gets left behind
  • Fixed: Post-battle world purpleation
  • Fixed: Player gets stuck in idle animation
  • Fixed: Player doesn’t pull lever in Nullwhere
  • Fixed: Moving farm machines locking UI
  • Fixed: Foraging from trees gives double XP
  • Fixed: Gummies being hidden on load screen
  • Fixed: Almanac item collection counts
  • Fixed: Nullwhere event lingering spookiness

0.8.28 Random bugfix update


  • Fixed the farming mode cursor being underground
  • Fixed the case where player would softlock if talking to an npc before the npc enters a door
  • Fixed the clubhouse quest that was asking for longlobs
  • Fixed the first lumpstump battle softlock issue
  • Fixed the thing where battle arrows were visible in-world after a battle ended
  • Dropping forageables no longer counts towards achievements as collecting a new item
  • Correct currencies are shown in particle effect when items are purchased instead of it always being gummies
  • Purchasing OTUGs renders correctly in purchase effect
  • Fixed oversized flooti kariokas
  • (Hopefully) fixed some infinite forageables bugs, again
  • Fixed issue where trees were hidden during battles in mamoonia
  • Fixed the player getting stuck in idle animation

0.8.25 Halloween Event Update


  • Gloopy costume
  • Zombie costume & animations
  • Graveyard quest
  • Candy price tooltip fix
  • Change event to end nov 6
  • Add clothing slot subtypes to hold pail and other accessories simultaneously
  • Infinite forageables fix
  • Energy decimal and half-meter fix
  • Moved a tree

v0.8.23 SITTING Update


  • Fixed playable instruments
  • Fixed longleg ooblet animations
  • Updated oobnet signal indicator
  • Particle system optimization
  • Optimizations for dance battles
  • Removed ghost chair in tinstle’s office
  • Fabricuter UI fix
  • Fix indoor lighting w/r/t weather
  • Add warning if you buy furniture before being able to place it
  • Fixed move UI ordering
  • Fix hats showing up as wrong color in menu

v0.8.19 From Your Feedback Update


  • A fridge! Folks were asking for it and we’re happy to oblige
  • Infinite clubhouse quests! Another big request fulfilled!
  • Lower Port Forward arcade score goals & hack costs
  • Reconstitootable arcade tokens
  • Arrow key controls for player movement
  • More various NPCs have followbabies

v0.8.16 Jama Update


  • JAMA!! Figurines, moves, everything!
  • Updated Cabbudge animations too

Mini-Update v0.8.11


  • Per-room wallpaper and flooring system
  • Backup save system
  • Normalized music volume in Mamoonia
  • Lowered rate of lore and other misc items showing up on new games
  • Improved UI for swooshler to indicate when you don’t have a recipe
  • Update ooblet level XP requirements (they’re higher now)
  • Replaced missing floor names
  • Fix for flipping oobnet switch too quickly in Nullwhere freeze
  • Fix for a null ooblet type reference

Port Forward v0.8.10


  • All of Port Forward!
    • 6 arcade games
    • Tokens, tickets, and PRIZES
    • Mini seed shop
    • 2 crops (Thimbi & Cellulettuce)
    • 4 recipes
      • Thimbi Tartare - Recipe from combined found pieces
      • A Very Cellulettuce Sammy - Wishywell
      • Pneumatic Gnocchi - Wishywell
      • Candy Salad - Recipe at prize counter
    • Bunglebee Shop
    • Vampire Bento Halloween shop
    • A bunch of characters
    • New sea-dangling spot with a unique item
  • New systems
    • Beach ball kicking (drop it to see!)
    • (giftable) Balloons
    • Working lamps!
    • Furniture layers (wall/floor items)
  • 2 new stoves that have higher cooking speeds
    • Irn Stuv (faster)
    • Lectroglow Oven (fastest)
  • 2 brand new ooblets + new uncommon/gleamy variants of 3 others
  • New moves for all Port Forward ooblets
  • All sorts of new decor
  • A couple new Tinstle Tasks
  • More wishywell unlocks
  • Various bugfixes

Quality of Life Update v0.7.3


  • Widescreen support!
  • THING. IN. A. THING. - You can now place certain items (like figurines) in/on other items, like figurines on bookcases
  • A kettle you can purchase for your house to make drinkies
  • Soothysip tea that lets you skip the rest of the day for all you speedrunners
  • 3D printer for ooblet figurines and maybe more??
  • Town Hall figurine spots for poor Lickzer and Wuddlin
  • D-pad navigation for controllers
  • Retrieve ooblets from your farm through the grumboire (while you’re on the farm)
  • Move chests with stuff inside them
  • Ooblets don’t hog farm tiles as much
  • Wildlands requests rebalanced
  • Cuddlecups redesigned so you can chat with Dubble more easily
  • Hype and fluster icons are now concatinated in the dance battle UI
  • Instruments show up in the almanac better
  • Oobcoop messaging improved
  • Manatwee doesn’t let you buy duplicates of infinite decor
  • NPCs no longer sneak under Mossprouts clubhouse
  • Videon no longer tries to give snugglesnacks
  • Nullwhere NPC battles (hopefully) fixed
  • Grumboire controller fixes
  • NPC dialogue skipping fix
  • Wildlands rewards fix
  • Wildlands navmesh fix
  • Wildlands points rounding fix
  • Binoculars soft lock fix
  • Chest UI fixes
  • Player now keeps walking during fade after triggering scene change
  • Player leveling limit fixed
  • Beat cost change cards work in Freebie Tournament
  • Changes to functionality of Fleeble’s Minuscule Medley
  • Changes to functionality of Whirlitzer’s Gracing Pacing
  • Fix for Chickadingding’s Slipper Samba
  • Fix for Wigglewip’s Plie DJ
  • Fix for Bristlebud’s Stompulent
  • Fix for Spuddle’s Risky Shift
  • Fix for Spuddle’s Think Slink

Wildlands Update v0.6.5


  • You can now retrieve ooblets from the Wildlands
  • Wildlands redevelopment system
  • Wildlands rehoming goals
  • New forageable resource: Spicyspears
  • New unlockable fishing spot with modified catches (Droneydrip Pond)
  • Unlockable nurny mine (Nurnycrop Crag)
  • Some new lore-related discoverables
  • New blueprint: Oobcoop level 5 (with built in heater!)
  • New recipe: Squishmallow
  • New recipe: Hophophopdob
  • A few new accessories and decor items
  • 3 Wildlands-related Tinstle Tasks
  • Nullwhere battles should no longer create near infinite loops if you have high level ooblets
  • Recipe chunks now stop spawning if you’ve collected all recipes
  • Dubble no longer claims to buy sparkflowers
  • Oobcoop crops properly affected by heaters
  • Delete object modal no longer lets you move cursor outside it
  • Region selector works better with keyboard
  • Almanac crops now shop proper origin
  • Namnam figure holding animation thingy fixed
  • Player shouldn’t be able to escape scene changes, even when very fast
  • 0 beat cards don’t provide extra beats when lowered
  • Getting out of bed no longer traps you in the walls
  • Townsfolk no longer hanker invalid items

v0.5.3 Coldyrain (Winter/Snow) Update


  • Snow!!
  • Frozen crops system
  • Meltilizer, a cold-defying fertilizer (sold at Meed’s)
  • Heaters you can place on your farm to keep your crops warm (blueprint in Wishywell)
  • A set of heater/sprinkler hybrids to water and heat your crops simultaneously (blueprints in Wishywell)
  • Snowplops, a resource you can only find in the snow
  • Delislush, a craftable treabie (recipe in Wishywell)
  • Wuddlin! A new ooblet only found when it snows

Nullwhere Content Update! v0.4.5:


  • 75+ new lines of dialogue for townfolk (go talk to them!)
  • New visitable region: Nullwhere
  • 3 new crops: Dregplant, Freep, and Hyperglob
  • 9 new NPCs (not Badgetownsfolk though)
  • Nullwhere storyline with over 110 lines of dialogue
  • Uncommon and gleamy variations of Nullwhere ooblets now available to grow (and all Nullwhere native ooblets can now be found in-world)
  • New ooblet types: Namnam & Lickzer
  • New resource: Gembers
  • 4 new craftables: Gloombuns, Roast Dregs, Glob Blobs, Bread Sammy
  • 12 new item descriptions
  • 24 new ooblet moves
  • Potions??



  • Allow player to view tournament schedule regardless of whether tournament has ended/not begun
  • Player character should now always own the hair they began with (so they don’t have to buy it despite arriving with it in Badgetown)
  • Pabby’s hair no longer changes to match player characters hair (end of an era!)
  • NPC schedules updated slightly
  • All available ooblets have gleamy and uncommon variations defined visually
  • Fixed gloopylonglegs figurines
  • Fixed missing gleamy wigglewip figurine
  • Additional sound effect for using speedy gro/ speedy gro pro

v0.3.67, v0.3.66


  • A few new clothes in Kibbon-bon and friendship rewards! (you’ll need to wait an in-game day until shop inventory updates)
  • A bunch of new exterior paints at Manatwee (will have to wait an in-game day again)
  • Crunchster UI is more forgiving of button mashing
  • Backup dirt scrapers and dribbly cans added to Meeds Seeds - buy these if you lose yours!
  • Vanishing ooblets at end of battle solved
  • Improvements to ooblet management UX in grumboire
  • Resolved issues with player feet rendering incorrectly
  • Moved Gernard so she isn’t standing in a chair
  • Resolved issue where certain accessories were incorrectly tagged as backpacks, and so couldn’t be removed if your inventory is full
  • Added a quick fix for floating pickups that can’t be collected
  • Recipes don’t fall off screen if they are too long in Hotplate UI
  • Resolved issue where you couldn’t buy house upgrades if your inventory is full

v0.3.65, v0.3.64, v0.3.63, v0.3.62, v0.3.61


  • Fixed a furniture placement bug
  • General optimization of pathfinding, NPC systems, and player interactions
  • Optional farming toggle in settings - No longer have to hold LT to enable farming mode with controllers
  • Purchase UI displays purchasable cards rather than just the back of the card, and also displays description of card
  • Weird white blocks removed from Mimpins
  • 12 new clubhouse quests added (3 each)
  • Inventory system improvements
  • Clubhouse quests no longer display “curSubQuest” description

v0.3.60, v0.3.58, v0.3.59


  • Wildlands ooblet-rehoming system!!
  • Redid our saving system to hopefully lower the number of corrupted saves
  • Added a save file de-corrupter in-game for when it does inevitably happen again
  • Player can always reject seeds, even in the tutorial
  • Added scroll bar to hairdo UI
  • If player does not have a cot, one will be provided for free
  • Shops should all now refill every day (sorry about that, it was because the save data was not saving the inventories of some of the stores each day, so they’d be empty upon load)
  • Fixed issue where some people weren’t seeing items added to furniture store (also a saving issue)
  • Quality settings should save correctly between sessions
  • Removed de-weeding sound when your ooblets de-weed
  • New hairs will show at the top of hair list instead of bottom
  • Watering can shouldn’t show up when you’re looking at the figurines anymore
  • Inventory UX improvements
  • Balloon pathfinding improvements
  • Farming improvements (fixed another scenario where player might get stuck in farming mode)
  • Fixed issue where player was accidentally being given ALL rewards for completing figurine collections, instead of just 1 of the rewards.
  • Increased sea-dangling rewards from higher tier baits
  • Fixed the save & quit button
  • Removed delete all save data button

v0.3.57, v0.3.56, v0.3.55


  • Re-added ooblets to townsfolk
  • If you lose your hot plate, a new one will be provided to you
  • Flat shoes no longer render as gummies
  • Eyeball glasses are no longer witchy hats
  • Ooblets no longer get locked behind doors
  • Ooblets wear their backbacks on their backs now
  • Feet no longer too big for shoes
  • Tinstle’s legsy has been given better directions to deliver badges
  • Peaksnubs’ hifi turned down a bit
  • Oobcoop button-mash crash fixed
  • Save system fixes and better UX
  • Added missing figurines for all ooblets including ones that shouldn’t be there like jama and namnam
  • Allow deleting/dropping of figurines
  • Possible fix for the C++ DLL issue
  • Fixed mouseover not working on wishy quest HUD items
  • Fixed issue where clicking on toggle quests button didn’t work
  • Fixed at least one of the issues that resulted in players getting stuck in farming mode (there may be other issues that cause this)
  • Optimized store refill
  • Respawning via settings will exit farming mode
  • Dance Barn tournament mode UI no longer covers turn limiter UI



  • Improved player-facing error handling for Save File read/write failure (screenshot and send if it happens to you!)
  • Holding mouse over clickable HUD elements will no longer eat space bar press
  • Improved logic for watering can purchases in Meed’s Seeds - final level watering can will no longer persist indefinitely once you’ve purchased
  • Fixed issue where you can’t buy more than one Bunglebee Bun from Polt
  • Flooti kariokas can now be sold to Dubble
  • Grumboire button added to HUD
  • Game won’t soft freeze if pathfinding fails when boarding hot air balloon
  • Re-arranged order of items available in furniture store
  • Added 2 more paint colours to furniture store (EDIT: IT’S CALLED MANATWEE, REBECCA)
  • Improved logic for store filling when all items have been purchased - store won’t fill up with an ocean of Essie sweaters anymore
  • Prevent player from buying same item of clothing twice

v0.3.53, v0.3.52


  • Fixed the Dance Barn tournaments
  • Finally fixed the cutscene where Outgrid is floating in the ceiling of Mossprouts!!
  • Fixed issue where harvesting crops didn’t show up in day-end summary and didn’t count towards your XP
  • Fix tile locking when moving oobcoops and crunchsters and stuff
  • Removed baits being incorrectly tagged as fertilizer - oopsy!
  • Removed great sprinklers from craftable items since they are WIP. For those of you who already made them, you get to keep them and they will water a 7x7 area (but may cause CPU strain)
  • Increased size of scene triggers between Badgetown and player farm, so that hopefully fewer people will sneak through to THE VOID
  • Increased cost of farm upgrade
  • Increased cost of Faster Run I and Faster Run II
  • Some autosave optimization
  • Made the task list UI scrollable



  • Nerfed rate at which rocks, weeds, and logs spawn on farm
  • Talking to Melda outside the clubhouse just before the clubhouse opening cutscene will no longer lock up the game
  • Moved “respawn” button to settings panel, now labeled “I’m stuck”
  • Prevent placing wooden paths on top of crops
  • Rock spawning system can no longer spawn rocks and logs on tiles that ooblets are about to plant seeds on
  • Player cannot do work on tiles that ooblets are currently doing work on - this should prevent scenarios where the player plants a crop and then the ooblet immediately plants a replacement crop
  • Removed flickering floor glitch in size 3 houses



  • Fixed bug where clothing shop does not add new items from upgrades purchased through wishy well (you will still have to wait 1 day for clothing store to replenish)
  • Swapping ooblet accessories while your inventory is full will no longer delete them
  • Made it so you can’t get stuck inside the walls of the player house ya spooky ghosts
  • Added “Respawn” button in pause screen in case people get stuck somewhere (DONT EXPLOIT THIS POWER)
  • Moved a bed into starter furniture pack (you will still have to wait 1 day for furniture store to replenish)
  • Petting ooblets should not cause the game to freeze anymore when pathfinding fails
  • Added a decorate mode tutorial to clarify where your furniture goes when you buy it
  • Made it clearer that Nullwhere and Port Forward are not yet available until future content updates
  • Added Main Menu button to Pause screen
  • Updated some descriptions
  • Reopened clubhouses can now actually reopen
  • EULA ultra-wide monitor fix
  • Fixed missing shader in a few places
  • Fixed some containers that had no capacity in them
  • Fixed issue where Sidekey seed was mislabeled as a gleamy seed and getting everyone’s hopes up

v0.3.48, v0.3.47, v0.3.46


  • Increased ooblet homebaby starting limit by 4 (8->12) for all you folks who grew 300 lumpstumps before asking yourselves WHY??
  • Cleaned up all seeds remaining in dance arenas after dances
  • Curlyhorns are more common now, rejoice!
  • Token icons no longer aggressively shown above other UI
  • Clearer UI on Tinstle Task UI
  • Fixed Kropredy missing dialogue
  • Made error handling a little less invasive for now since it was bothering some folks
  • Hopefully solved one issue relating to scene transitions + black screen
  • Fixed issue with “gimme” button being missing from level up screen / battle card screen
  • Fixed some typos
  • Millew’s clothing quest should no longer generate “short quest description” task

v0.3.45, v0.3.44


  • Improvements to item selection (ie doors and items in stores)
  • Improvements to WASD controls to allow for easier item selection
  • Fixed infinite tooting bug (so sad to see it go :trumpet: :trumpet: )
  • Fixed not being able to decline ooblet seeds after dances
  • Townsfolk will no longer lock your game if you talk to them while not wearing a shirt
  • Got Milbert to climb out of the ground in Cuddlecups
  • (Hopefully) fixed some issues relating to the main menu not displaying correctly
  • (Hopefully) fixed loading screen lock if user doesn’t have VC++ runtime installed



  • Removed developer console from builds - no accidentally opening that anymore!
  • Reconstitooter UI - minor improvements to UX relating to bait costs
  • Zuffle’s office - solved collision issues with desk and other furniture
  • Temporarily removed clicking on NPCs and other interactable elements in the game since this was only partially supported and a point of confusion for some folks! (should fix the talk to 8 people intro quest for folks having problems with it)
  • Item get screen - missing “gimme button” should no longer be missing for all you button mashers! :)
  • Screen resolution too big for some displays making game unplayable - application now automatically detects oversized windows and applies a resolution that is compatible with game and appropriate to the display type