v1.4 Oobmobile Update

Check out this lil promo vid we made for the update!

This entire update stems from us having no impulse control and running with every dumb idea that crosses our minds.

We were debating about what incentive we could provide for folks to fully level up ooblets without goofing with the dance battle balancing, and it came down to either a congratulatory “got-to-level-10” hat they could wear orrrr…


We picked oobmobiles. Now your ooblets can ride around in little cars!!!

It took a lot of fiddly work but the results are better than we could have hoped for. Way better than a lousy hat.

There are some barriers to getting your ooblets driving though:

  • You need to have unlocked the Dept. of Ooblet Vehicles (DOV) which is related to the “Mystery Door in Town Hall” Tinstle Task available after reaching a player level of 5. It should become available a day after that’s completed (you’ll get mail about it)
  • Your ooblets need to be level 10 to get a license
  • It costs a lot of gummies to get a license (currently 800 but that may change)

We also tweaked the ooblet level requirements so it won’t take as long to get to level 10 and gain access to oobmobiles, but still keeps it a fun longer-term goal.

You can also buy oobmobiles at the kiosk in the DOV regardless of whether or not you have any ooblets that are licensed, but you won’t be able to equip them on ooblets until they’re licensed. Currently, we have a kiosk that picks a different random oobmobile to be available each in-game day. During events, there might be a special event oobmobile kiosk that does the same for event-specific oobmobiles. And speaking of which:

Halloween Oobmobiles are available for a limited time!

(depending on when you're reading this)

While the Halloween Event is running, you’ll be able to snag some unique spooky oobmobiles from the Halloween oobmobile kiosk in the DOV. The oobmobile available will change each in-game day.

If you haven’t leveled any ooblets up to 10 yet, you can still stock up on the event oobmobiles (if you can afford them) to save for when you do have licensed oobs. And if you miss the event oobmobiles, they’ll be back next year! And we absolutely cannot condone you fiendishly modifying your system clock to trick our poor gullible game into thinking it’s still Halloween!

Be sure to share your screenshots and vids of your oobmobiles--we love to see your squads!