Ooblets is now officially out of early access and launched on the Nintendo Switch!!

You can buy it right now here:

To celebrate, we’ve put together a “What is Ooblets?” trailer for folks to learn about the game here. It’s narrated by our very wonderful pal Lizzie (LDShadowLady).

New players are hopefully in for a really great time and early access players will be able to experience a LOT of new stuff. A LOT. There are new places to visit, a conclusion to the main storyline, massive balancing changes, new customization stuff, and so much more. Check the bottom of this post for a changelog of just some of what’s new/changed.

We’ve been working on Ooblets for the last six years and it’s so exciting to finally reach this milestone. And don’t worry, we’re not done working on the game! Besides bugfix patches, we’re still planning on adding more content going forward. We think up new and progressively goofier stuff to add to the game every day.

The biggest thanks

Thank you to everyone who has played the game in early access or waited patiently for 1.0/Switch.

There are so many people who have contributed to Ooblets and we can’t thank them enough. From Patreon supporters to the people who have worked with us on art, animation, music, porting, release management, contracts, bookkeeping, and all the many things that make up game development—Ooblets couldn’t have been made without you!

Family and team update

Back when we launched the 0.4 Nullwhere early access update, we also announced that Rebecca and I had a baby! That was about two years ago and he’s been the center of our lives ever since.

He paints and draws, rides a balance bike, is obsessed with construction vehicles, tells us he sees ghosts everywhere (thankfully friendly ones), and is just an overall joy. We love watching him discover the world and are so glad he’s a part of ours.

We’ve also spoken a few times about how the Glumberland team has grown in the past two years. We’ve gone from just Rebecca and me to now six people! We’re so proud of everyone at Glumberland and appreciate all the hard work, unique talents, and personality they bring to everything we do.

That’s all for now!

Thanks again so much and we hope you have a great time playing Ooblets!


  • New region - Tippytop
  • 3 new secret visitable regions
  • Secret ooblet island system
  • Completion of overarching storyline
  • 3 new ooblets
  • Over 30 new NPCs
  • ~100 new daily NPC interactions
  • Over 200 new clothing/accessory items
  • Gleamy and uncommon variations added for (formerly known as) elswair Ooblets
  • Battle moves added for (formerly known as) elswair Ooblets
  • Wider variety of player styles added to initial character creation options
  • World map/overworld added
  • Oobnet system added
  • Added new more-info UI to figurine system
  • Dance battles rebalanced
    • Made NPC battles more challenging and gave many NPCs their own custom decks
    • New dance battle cards added
    • Existing dance battle cards improved/rebalanced
    • Clubhouse one-time-use cards improved/rebalanced
  • Rebalanced move unlocking
  • Changed Dance Barn rewards
  • Inventory item stacking
    • Can split stacks or grab/drop single items!
    • Double select an item to condense all of the same type
  • Key/Input rebinding (on PC only)
  • Performance improvements
  • Added improved treabie requirements to Mamoonia Ooblets
  • Big polish pass on Mamoonia environment
  • Big polish pass on Mamoonia NPCs
  • Lighting improvements for Nullwhere
  • Big performance pass on Nullwhere
  • Lighting improvements at nighttime
  • Recipe-getting system rebalanced
  • Lots of cutscene polish and animation improvements
  • Lightning effects can be turned off for photosensitive players (on applicable platforms)
  • Large UI mode
  • Figurine collection rearranged and finalized
  • Going-to-bed sequence polished and improved
  • Prevent player from obtaining more than 3 one-time-use cards at a time
  • Autosave optimization and save file size reduction
  • Battle system visual and audio improvements
  • Made XP earn / level up sequence at end of battle much faster
  • Rebalanced wishywell
  • Changed sprinkler descriptions
  • Added spicyspears to heater recipes
  • Updated some Nullwhere cutscene dialogue gestures and some changes to where NPCs stand
  • Changed around what ooblets Nullwhere NPCs have in battles
  • AI no longer plays Rig-a-jig card
  • AI will only play some cards once per battle
  • Added new treabie items for gumple and lickzer
  • Changed chickadingding’s treabie requirements
  • Lowered nurny cost of 3D printing
  • Removed some sit spots throughout the game that would cause NPCs to get stuck or were easily interacted with unintentionally
  • Prevented some more ooblets from showing up in 1v1 tournament battles
  • Many ooblet accessory positions and sizes fixed
  • Upgrading house has new cutscene and animations (currently only live on PC/Xbox, will be live on Switch in 1.0.20 patch)
  • Removed energy regain while sitting
  • Improved interaction detection of nearby objects
  • Updated the Almanac “Found Items” tab to include more fitting items
  • Updated the Almanac “Crops” tab to remove unused crops
  • Updated the Almanac “Recipes” tab to tell you how to unlock your locked recipes
  • Cooking and crafting stations now describe where to unlock your locked recipes
  • Fixed NPC “Find Ooblet” quests breaking if not accepted right away
  • Made Pro Display Cases have transparent glass
  • You can now also use the door for the player shop to close it
  • Allowed all UI scrollbars to be controlled by mouse
  • Updated farm to show more objects with the icy effect on snow days
  • Correctly show the on-screen keyboard if swapping inputs when you need to input text
  • Made the 3D printer display the cost in the UI
  • Battle card select noise now plays if using mouse, not just the with the direction input
  • Interaction sounds don’t play if you don’t have enough energy to interact
  • Fixed various quests descriptions to have similar formats
  • Grey out inventory items in the deposit UI if you already met the required amount
  • You now have to hold the confirm button to delete a save
  • Added descriptions to all wishywell rewards that were missing one
  • Nullwhere is no longer a starting Tinstle Task
  • Updated collisions in all regions
  • Fixed Tinstle Task starting indicators to not glitch around when spawning
  • Items made with the Crunchster and Swooshler can now be sold to Meed/Dubble
  • Volume settings now have a smooth decrease instead of a harsh dropoff
  • Added missing portraits for any NPCs who were missing their portraits
  • Watering can upgrades now show the right name and description
  • Removed duplicate Millew journal page
  • Impossible daily quests no longer show up
  • Player shop now tracks selling crafted items
  • Balloon shouldn't leave ooblets behind or trapped inside, maybe, but pantsabear’s legs do still stick out the bottom
  • Nullwhere tower door animation fix
  • Ooblet accessories UI selects first accessory when opened
  • NPCs don’t leave ooblets behind when they run off screen
  • Fixed typos in Outgrid and Tinstle dialogues
  • Fixed some cutscenes that were missing gestures or cleared the background NPCs when they shouldn't
  • Fixed the description of the fixing up Mossprouts quest that said 'open Frunbuns clubhouse’
  • Moved Padrig in the salon so you can see his dailyo indicator
  • No longer able to walk behind the closed player shop door
  • Hiding ooblet quests no longer spawn them in Badgetown areas that aren’t unlocked yet
  • Energy meter shows the correct weather/time when you eat an inventory item
  • Can no longer escape the pause menu while exiting your save
  • Fixed door transition getting stuck for the Port Forward tower
  • Fixed the player creator showing the wrong info if you exited and re-entered
  • Fixed Mimpins quest not updating as you added to the deposit box
  • Fixed door transition getting stuck for your house
  • Fixed z-fighting in Badgetown
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck in building and stairs in Badgetown
  • Fixed the energy meter overlapping incorrectly
  • Grumboire can no longer open the same time as the item receiving UI
  • Mail UI no longer shows unused button prompts
  • Instruct player to remove hat before changing their hairstyle
  • Added item numbers for your furniture inventory
  • Player club can now be selected with keyboard
  • Deposit UI descriptions no longer hidden by other UI
  • Removed outdated parts of the ooblet level up UI
  • Fixed farming tutorial to not be skippable and show the proper hotbar tooltips
  • Updated furniture collision to fit better
  • Added a max number of tasks that are shown in the main HUD
  • Made important story quests show as starred and pinned to the top of the task UI
  • Fixed sleeping animations that had foot-drift
  • Fixed flickering lights in Nullwhere battles
  • Fixed issue where player can escape bounds of player farm during tutorial
  • Fixed issue where player can soft-lock themselves into fishing tutorial by deleting their bait
  • Duplicate ooblets show on the “Today’s Oobs” screen if they’re from different regions
  • Customers in the player shop can now ask for event items
  • The farming cursor now turns red when you’re busy interacting
  • Added ability to ignore all controllers besides the specified one