We couldn’t help ourselves and decided to sneak ANOTHER secret update out, this one completely unannounced!

As the name suggests, this update brings a long-awaited major new feature as well as a few other goodies! Read on to learn about everything we’ve added.

Player shop

The player shop was a massive project involving new furniture, AI systems, a placeable object area, some lil minigames for item sales, a favorite items system, and a shop upgrade path.

The shop can be decorated with flooring, wallpapers, and furniture you’ve bought for your house, as well as special display cases that let you sell stuff!

Lost ooblet quests

As if the player shop wasn’t enough, we also added a whole other major new system! Now the folks of Badgetown will periodically misplace their followbabies and ask you for help finding them. They only manage to hide around Badgetown so you hopefully shouldn’t have to search too wide and far.

New Wildlands quests

We also expanded the types of quests you can get to improve the Wildlands, like seed requests, mystery can cleanup, watering plants, and retrieving ooblets that have wandered out by accident.

Price increase

Now that the game has matured a lot, we’re going to be raising the price a bit. The specific increase will differ depending on what locale you’re in, but in the US it should go from $24.99 to $29.99

What’s new:

  • Player-run shop!
    • Tinstle task to fix up (unlock) the old shop
    • Fully customizable interior. Change the flooring, wallpaper, and furniture
    • New shop display furniture items, works both in the shop and your home
    • Place items to sell to the townsfolk as they browse your shop
    • Sales mini-game
    • Individual NPCs have favored items
    • Upgrades for the shop to unlock new displays and bonuses to earn more gummies!
    • A weekly calendar that shows all the items that will give you a bonus if sold on a specific day
  • New Wildlands Quests
    • Deposit a specified ooblet seed
    • Clean up cans in the Wildlands
    • Water flowers in the Wildlands
    • Deposited ooblets occasionally wander into town, find their hiding spot and return them
  • Badgetown residents lost ooblets quests
  • Added 16:10 screen resolutions (2560x1600 and 1920x1200) and 16:9 a resolution (1600x900)


  • Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in Badgetown when returning back from an area quest
  • Moved the placement effect for the farm above ground again
  • Swapping your selected item while placing something on the farm now updates the show the correct item
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t do the typesetting minigame while sleepy
  • Clubhouse quests that require buying items actually count the number of items you buy instead of the number of times you complete a purchase
  • Fixed gummy display not displaying properly inside shops
  • Fixed camera issues with using resizing potions in your house
  • Fixed Mamoonia Ooblets spawning underground
  • Fixed the almanac recipe ingredients getting cut off
  • Fixed visual glitches with description box appearing when you grow an Ooblet
  • Available ooblets show up before busy ones when picking ooblets for coops or food processers
  • Inventory item tooltip goes away when you move off of it
  • First pantsabear relic a little more noticeable