Right on the heels of our huge 0.9 Update, we've got a Wintertime limited event running throughout December.

Collect bobbles around Badgetown to exchange in our capsule machines (we call them gotsapons) to snag a bunch of new sweaters, ooblet accessories, and other stuff!

This event will end on December 31st, so be sure to grab everything before then. If you miss it this year, we should have the same things available next year, too!


  • Added winter event gotsapons
  • Added winter event bobbles
  • Added 6 new winter sweaters
  • Added 4 new winter ooblet accessories
  • Added twinkle lights for player house
  • Added twinkle lights to badgetown during winter event
  • Added winter event jinglebread cookies
  • Snow on Main Menu during winter
  • Improved performance in Pantsabear Hill
  • Improved performance in Mamoonia for people who have chosen lower graphics quality settings
  • Npcs should not give recipe pieces if there are no more recipes available to learn
  • Made recipe pieces reconstitootable
  • Fixed issue where typesetting game would break
  • Prevent player from visiting remote regions if a region storyline is nearly complete to prevent race condition for cutscenes
  • Pantsabear figurine pants are the correct color now
  • More fixes to prevent farming cursor being invisible
  • Fixed OHC seal being blocked by npc's ooblets in cutscene
  • Fixed issue where pantsabear is considered an elswair Ooblet
  • Fixed rare items not sparkling
  • Fixed pantsabear hill clothing missing from Kibbonbon
  • Fixed Eoieen's shop not replenishing each day