We called this the secret update because we weren't sure what would be in it when we originally wrote our roadmap, but now that the update is finished we have a pretty good idea of what's in it!

If you'd still like to keep up the air of mystery, feel free to stop reading here and just jump into the game to see what's new. Otherwise, here it all is:

Mini-region: Daily Oob Dirigible

Come see how newspapers are made in Oob! You can travel here after completing the Nullwhere storyline.

Region: Pantsabear Hill

This is unlocked after completing Port Forward, which if you're stuck on we've made a bit easier. We did things a bit differently on this region compared to previous ones. There's only one type of ooblet in the entire region (you'll never guess which one) and there's a bit more of a focus on puzzle elements. We had a lot of fun designing everything here so we hope you have fun playing it!

System: Rollerskating

This is the one part of the Secret Update we let slip ahead of time because we were too excited by it. We also originally thought people would be happy if we just had roller skates for the player and not the ooblets, but we were quickly informed that was not the case.

Minigame: Typesetting

Up in the dirigible there's a new mini-game where you can help typeset newspaper layouts through a slide puzzle mechanic. Each one you complete gets you some gummies!

Ooblet: Bibbin

A new major update wouldn't be complete without a brand new ooblet to unveil! But where can you find them if not in Pantsabear Hill? I won't spoil it here because I'm sure you'll run into them eventually.

Recipes & Crop

There's one sneaky new crop (bubblesprouts) and a couple new recipes: Soggy Bread & Button Soup. Unlock Soggy Bread through the Wishywell and Button Soup is found through recipe pieces.

Furniture & Decor

We went through the project and found a bunch of items that were never implemented and went ahead and implemented them! There's new stuff in Manatwee and a couple new things in Vampire Bento. In total there are 13 new pieces of furniture and 5 new decor thingies!


There are a bunch of new items of clothing available. I think this is one of the biggest collections of new clothes we've ever dropped in an update. Some themed outfits become available in Kibbon-bon as soon as you get the first Pantsabear Hill related quest, so you can snag them before you even set foot there!

Backpack change

Now when you buy a bigger backpack, it increases the storage size of all smaller backpacks to be equal. We did this so you could focus on designing your outfit without worrying about maximizing your inventory slots.

Ooblet accessories

Got some spare clubhouse tokens lying around? There are four new ooblet accessories available, one at each clubhouse for you to pick up!

Nerfed sprint speeds

The roller skates boost movement speed and when we tested them in conjunction with sprinting and upgrades and spressy it looked like a speedhack, so we tried to reign everything in a bit.

Bug fixes!

There's a bunch in here but the most noticeable one is that Gimble's pantsabear now finally makes it onto the balloon when you take off! We considered the alternative of providing him a lil jetpack but decided there was enough room on the balloon for him to fit.


  • Pantsabear Hill region
  • Daily Oob Dirigible mini-region
  • Typesetting mini-game
  • 3 new Tinstle Tasks
  • Roller skates for player
  • Roller skates for ooblets
  • New ooblet: Bibbin
  • New clothing
  • New furniture
  • New decor
  • New ooblet accessories
  • Changed: How ooblets are ordered in almanac
  • Changed: Backpack upgrades apply to all backpacks
  • Changed: Port Forward game hack costs lowered
  • Changed: Gleamy rain now waters crops
  • Fixed: Gimble's pantsabear gets left behind
  • Fixed: Post-battle world purpleation
  • Fixed: Player gets stuck in idle animation
  • Fixed: Player doesn't pull lever in Nullwhere
  • Fixed: Moving farm machines locking UI
  • Fixed: Foraging from trees gives double XP
  • Fixed: Gummies being hidden on load screen
  • Fixed: Almanac item collection counts
  • Fixed: Nullwhere event lingering spookiness