New region, ooblets, mini-games, crops, recipes, decor, and more!

The update is out now!

We worked super hard on this update so we hope you like it. It's a pretty big departure from the gameplay of our other regions, so we're terrified about excited for everyone's feedback! Be sure to share your high scores in our discord or on twitter!

There's a lot of new stuff, from the Port Forward region itself to six new mini-games, new ooblets, new shops, new decor, new systems, new stoves, new recipes, gah there's so much! Check the list at the bottom of this post for a more complete accounting of everything.

The new mini-games are a big part of the update so we wanted to share some insight about them in case you end up struggling with any of them:

[Port Forward gameplay spoilers ahead:]

In order to get into the Oobnet Tower in Port Forward, you need to get the high score in each arcade game on the boardwalk. That meant we had to determine what those high scores should be so that they would be a challenge but attainable for a lot of players.

It was tough balancing the difficulty of reaching these scores, because we know it will always be way too easy for some folks and others will struggle with it. We'll likely end up tweaking what the high score goals are as we get feedback from all of you, but if you are struggling or don't want to play specific mini-games, that's okay!

From the start we knew we wanted an alternate path to getting the high scores in each game, so we came up with the concept of the arcade repairperson who offers to hack your name to the top of the leaderboards... for a price. There's no downside or negative consequences of doing it this way (besides the gummy cost). I really love the hack system and the fun menu we made for it so I hope nobody feels dissuaded from using it if they want to!

New stuff:

  • All of Port Forward!
    • 6 arcade games
    • Tokens, tickets, and PRIZES
    • Mini seed shop
    • 2 crops (Thimbi & Cellulettuce)
    • 4 recipes
      • Thimbi Tartare - Recipe from combined found pieces
      • A Very Cellulettuce Sammy - Wishywell
      • Pneumatic Gnocchi - Wishywell
      • Candy Salad - Recipe at prize counter
    • Bunglebee Shop
    • Vampire Bento Halloween shop
    • A bunch of characters
    • New sea-dangling spot with a unique item
  • New systems
    • Beach ball kicking (drop it to see!)
    • (giftable) Balloons
    • Working lamps!
    • Furniture layers (wall/floor items)
  • 2 new stoves that have higher cooking speeds
    • Irn Stuv (faster)
    • Lectroglow Oven (fastest)
  • 2 brand new ooblets + new uncommon/gleamy variants of 3 others
  • New moves for all Port Forward ooblets
  • All sorts of new decor
  • A couple new Tinstle Tasks
  • More wishywell unlocks
  • Some bugfixes
  • Probably other stuff we're forgetting!