Widescreen support, sub-item placement, day skipping, figurine printing, and more!

👉 Watch a quick promo video of the big changes here 👈

While we've been working on the Port Forward Update, we've been amassing a bunch of improvements and fixes that we didn't want everyone waiting too long for, so we're releasing this update in the meantime before the Port Forward Update comes out.

This is a pretty big update even if it might not seem like it on the surface. We've fixed loads of bugs, some tiny and some pretty glaring, and made a bunch of improvements across the board, like widescreen support, movable full chests, and placing items on tables/shelves. There's even some new content/systems like soothysip which lets you go to sleep whenever you want, a kettle to brew it, a 3D printer, and a set of lil decor items to unlock in an unconventional way...


  • Widescreen support!
  • THING. IN. A. THING. - You can now place certain items (like figurines) in/on other items, like figurines on bookcases
  • A kettle you can purchase for your house to make drinkies
  • Soothysip tea that lets you skip the rest of the day for all you speedrunners
  • 3D printer for ooblet figurines and maybe more??
  • Town Hall figurine spots for poor Lickzer and Wuddlin
  • D-pad navigation for controllers


  • Retrieve ooblets from your farm through the grumboire (while you're on the farm)
  • Move chests with stuff inside them
  • Ooblets don't hog farm tiles as much
  • Wildlands requests rebalanced
  • Cuddlecups redesigned so you can chat with Dubble more easily
  • Hype and fluster icons are now concatinated in the dance battle UI
  • Instruments show up in the almanac better
  • Oobcoop messaging improved
  • Manatwee doesn't let you buy duplicates of infinite decor


  • NPCs no longer sneak under Mossprouts clubhouse
  • Videon no longer tries to give snugglesnacks
  • Nullwhere NPC battles (hopefully) fixed
  • Grumboire controller fixes
  • NPC dialogue skipping fix
  • Wildlands rewards fix
  • Wildlands navmesh fix
  • Wildlands points rounding fix
  • Binoculars soft lock fix
  • Chest UI fixes
  • Player now keeps walking during fade after triggering scene change
  • Player leveling limit fixed
  • Beat cost change cards work in Freebie Tournament
  • Changes to functionality of Fleeble's Minuscule Medley
  • Changes to functionality of Whirlitzer's Gracing Pacing
  • Fix for Chickadingding's Slipper Samba
  • Fix for Wigglewip's Plie DJ
  • Fix for Bristlebud's Stompulent
  • Fix for Spuddle's Risky Shift
  • Fix for Spuddle's Think Slink