We've got some exciting stuff planned for this year and we've been hard at work to get it all to you!

So some big news is we've expanded the team a while back with the addition of Rich, who's an incredible programmer and artist. He's been helping us keep the pace with development as the new baby takes up a lot of our time.

We're tweaking our plans a bit by sneaking in an interim update before the big Port Forward update. There are a lot of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements we've been making lately that we didn't want to sit on until we did all of the Port Forward content, so we're going to be getting those out the door as a separate update first. The Port Forward update is still planned for mid-year. So the next things on the roadmap are:

  • March: 0.7 Bugfix & QoL update
  • Mid-2021: 0.8 Port Forward update
  • Late-2021: Secret update??
  • Late-2021 to early-2022: Hopefully 1.0!

The 0.7 update will also have at least one new system that we hope folks with long playtime hours will appreciate. We've also come up with some possible solutions for some long-standing issues, like broken dance moves, Nullwhere issues, and maybe even widescreen support!

We also showed off a little tease of some content from the Port Forward update on Twitter a couple weeks ago in case you missed it. We're doing things a bit different with this next region, so we hope you'll like it!