The Wildlands are here! What started as just a quick update to allow you to retrieve your deposited ooblets has turned into something quite a bit bigger.

We put in a whole redevelopment system that tasks you with rehoming specific types of ooblets to the Wildlands in order to revitalize the area and unlock new mini-areas within, like the Spicyspear Scrub, Droneydrip Pond, and Nurnycrop Crag.

There's a new oobcoop to unlock, some new recipes, and a whole bunch of bugfixes! Changelog below:


  • You can now retrieve ooblets from the Wildlands
  • Wildlands redevelopment system
  • Wildlands rehoming goals
  • New forageable resource: Spicyspears
  • New unlockable fishing spot with modified catches (Droneydrip Pond)
  • Unlockable nurny mine (Nurnycrop Crag)
  • Some new lore-related discoverables
  • New blueprint: Oobcoop level 5 (with built in heater!)
  • New recipe: Squishmallow
  • New recipe: Hophophopdob
  • A few new accessories and decor items
  • 3 Wildlands-related Tinstle Tasks

Bug fixes:

  • Nullwhere battles should no longer create near infinite loops if you have high level ooblets
  • Recipe chunks now stop spawning if you've collected all recipes
  • Dubble no longer claims to buy sparkflowers
  • Oobcoop crops properly affected by heaters
  • Delete object modal no longer lets you move cursor outside it
  • Region selector works better with keyboard
  • Almanac crops now shop proper origin
  • Namnam figure holding animation thingy fixed
  • Player shouldn't be able to escape scene changes, even when very fast
  • 0 beat cards don't provide extra beats when lowered
  • Getting out of bed no longer traps you in the walls
  • Townsfolk no longer hanker invalid items