The Nullwhere Update is out now and free for everyone who owns Ooblets!

The other thing that's out now is our baby!

Rebecca and I are so happy to announce our first child who got here a bit before Nullwhere did. It's been a wacky last couple of months releasing the game, frantically fixing bugs, working on Nullwhere, and growing a person all at the same time.

We put in a load of work on this update to bring you a whole new region with its own storyline, characters, ooblets, crops, and craftables.

We focused mainly on new content with 0.4 so there aren't a whole lot of bug fixes in this update, but we will be getting to everything we can over time. There's still a lot more to do to get us to 1.0 so we're excited to jump into what's next.

Here's what's new in the 0.4 Nullwhere Update:

  • 75+ new lines of dialogue for townfolk (go talk to them!)
  • New visitable region: Nullwhere
  • 3 new crops: Dregplant, Freep, and Hyperglob
  • 9 new NPCs (not Badgetownsfolk though)
  • Nullwhere storyline with over 110 lines of dialogue
  • Uncommon and gleamy variations of Nullwhere ooblets now available to grow (and all Nullwhere native ooblets can now be found in-world)
  • New ooblet types: Namnam & Lickzer
  • New resource: Gembers
  • 4 new craftables: Gloombuns, Roast Dregs, Glob Blobs, Bread Sammy
  • 12 new item descriptions
  • 24 new ooblet moves
  • Potions??

There were a few things we had planned that didn't quite make it into this release but are likely going to be coming soonish:

  • New clubhouse quests (done but not tested)
  • Figurine reprinter
  • Cases for all available ooblet figurines
  • Widescreen support (done but not tested)

We also wanted to do a small Halloween limited-time event that we might not get around to, but if we do it will come in a bit towards the end of the month.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween month! And wear your masks (spooky or otherwise)!