Since there's not much else going on in the world these days, let's talk about Ooblets!

This month was pretty busy for us as we finalized Mamoonia and all its associated content, added in some features we'd been putting off, fixed up a bunch of our cutscenes and quest sequences, and checked if everything was working.

OTUG system

The one-time-use-generics (OTUG) system is something we've had planned for a while but only got around to implementing recently. They're move cards that you can buy (currently only through clubhouses) that get added to your moveset but expire after you play them.

Club tokens

And you buy those OTUGs with club tokens. You can find these hidden around Badgetown or you can earn them from completing club-related quests. There will be a couple things for sale in each clubhouse (once you unlock the clubhouses!) along with the OTUGs.

Mamoonia finalized(ish)

It feels like (and is also a fact that) we've been working on Mamoonia for years... It turns out that making a whole new region with a bunch of interactions and cutscenes is pretty time consuming. Thankfully it's now in a pretty good state so we can stop having it weigh on our psyches.

Quest sequences

We've been going through all our major quest sequences (which involve a bunch of logic, cutscene setup, balancing) and getting them all in order, updating what needs to be, and creating new ones that we'd been putting off implementing. There's still a couple to go, but we did the majority of the work this past month.


Behold the glory that is... balloon:

We didn't have one before and it took a bit of time to add it so here it is for you to see.

Bug fixes

As we've been getting everything sorted out this month, there's been a mountain of bugs we've stumbled into and have started unscrambling. Most are not as fun as the sliding snow angel.