January 2020 Devlog

First devlog of 2020!!!

I don’t want to get you excited, but ¬°GET EXCITED! because 2020 is the YEAR OF THE OOB. It’s been foretold in the prophecies/milestone calendar. That’s really all I can say about that right now so feel free to draw all sorts of wild conclusions.

So what’d we get up to in January huh??

Well the biggest thing is we finally added the system everyone’s been clamoring for since the very beginning…

Yep, that’s right:


We didn’t know there were so many sea-dangling enthusiasts but apparently it’s a whole big thing. The concept ended up working out really well in Ooblets since as you all know sea-dangling doesn’t involve hurting any animals.

The whole thing is tied to a new Reconstitooter system that repurposes other materials and outputs bait that you can use to sea-dangle with.

Badge-delivering ooblet

For some reason we used to have the badge unlocking system be that after you earned a badge you’d get a HUD alert and have to go find the Mayor somewhere in town and have her give you the badge. It sorta made sense narratively but was a huge pain.

Now we have one of the Mayor’s ooblets hand-deliver your badge as soon as you earn it!

New animations

We’ve been implementing a bunch of new animations that are adding a bit of flavor to everything!

Mystery can piles

It might seem like a little thing but we redesigned and reimplemented how those dreaded mystery cans work. Instead of being littered all around Badgetown, they’re now helpfully centralized into large litter piles.

It involved coming up with a new system for picking up overworld items of a larger set.

Some lore added

There’s what we’d consider lore sprinkled throughout the dialogue, but we’ve got a new set of in-world items that you can pick up and read to gain a lil more insight into the world of Oob and any potential meta-stories that are possibly going on…

We have a bunch of stuff designed but have only implemented a subset of what we’re planning.

Moves implemented

We mentioned in our December devlog that we had started implementing the mechanics of a bunch of new moves. This past month we got done with 73 of those. We probably have another 50 or so left to do for launch.

Boring stuff

Most of the big work on the game isn’t very exciting or pretty, but it’s what ends up taking up the most of our time and gets us much closer to the finish line. This last month has involved a lot of intro progress, balancing, and implementation of badge requirements & unlocks.

Next month

Our next big tasks are getting the Mamoonia region in a decent state, fixing up oobcoops, adding a lot to clubhouses, adding a disposable card system, and putting in more lore items. It’s gonna be another very busy month!