Hi everyone! I know we've been a bit quiet this past month. It's because we've been preoccupied with a bunch of Ooblets stuff that's not left us a lot of time to be very social on social media... BUT we're planning on carving out more time going forward to share a lot more with you.

So what'd we get up to in March?

New newsletter!

You might remember that we had a wonderful newsletter with a bajillion subscribers in the distant past but we NUKED it because we're dumdums. Anyway, we're restarting it from scratch right this second, so if you'd like to get emails from us again, please sign up here.

You'll be the first(ish) to get our devlogs and find out when we're launching and you won't have to worry about checking tweets or whatever to get your Ooblets fill.

Mamoonia implemented

We mentioned in the last devlog that we were scrapping Pantsabear Hill in favor of a mystery region (which yep, is Mamoonia!), and this month we actually got around to putting it all together. We've actually had Mamoonia in some basic forms a long time ago, but it's all new and working with all our current systems now.

Loading screens

A while ago we found this animation from Sayman and we liked it so much that we ended up buying it (along with a few others) to use for our loading screens:

Friendship UI redesign

We've had to try a bunch of different ideas for this but we're getting there! The new version lets us show all the townsfolk without you having to scroll now.

New intro modules

There are a handful of cutscenes/quest thingies we call modules that are associated with the overarching progression and introduction of the game. They take you through the different regions we'll have (so far just Mamoonia) and the different features of the game that we don't want to throw at people all at once.

This month we added in the intro modules for the balloon, Dance Barn, Mamoonia, and made some changes to the scanner, Hankerbot, sticker, and Town Hall modules.

Energy mechanics

Days don't end in Ooblets so you can theoretically stay up as long as you want, hopped up on cupcakes and beanjuice. We're disincentivizing doing that by cutting your max energy by a certain % (currently 50%) every day you don't sleep. That means that if you stay up for 24 hours, your max energy will be limited to 50% until you sleep again. If you stay up for 48 hours, it will go down to 25%. 72 hours and 12.5%, etc., but it all gets reset as soon as you use your bed.

New merch

It's been a while since we've launched any new merch, so we figured now's as good a time as any!

First off, we're going to be selling a new tee design by Paperbeatsscissors! I don't know exactly how soon it's going live so I won't spoil it just yet, but it's GREAT.

Secondly, we've got some new pins designed by Bree Lundberg! Some fan favorite ooblets have made it into this batch, so I think they'll be pretty popular. We'll be announcing when they're live on Twitter, Patreon, and the newsletter so you should be following at least one of those to stay up to date.

Thirdly, we're doing a refresh of a couple of our existing pins to tweak some of the colors and make them a bit smaller. I think we might be running a sale on the existing stock of the larger versions first, though, so if you'd like to grab them, that will be a good opportunity to!

All of these items will be available on our Yetee merch store!

That's all for now!

Thanks so much for keeping up with Ooblets. We hope to have a lot of excited news for you this year so make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter!