Sleepy vending machine man and other news

I was planning on doing a bunch of single-topic devlogs this month but I only ended up doing one… So here’s the recap of whole bunch of stuff from last month!

New NPCs!

We made about a dozen new NPCs last month. They’re not the main characters but rather used for regions and dance battle opponents.

Seed capture system

This might not look like much from the screenshot, but it’s actually a really big advancement!

After you win a dance battle against a wild ooblet, you can now offer them treabies (like cupcakes and pies and things) as a consolation prize. If they like it, they’ll offer you an ooblet seed in return that you can plant to grow your own version of that type of ooblet.

Before we had them always give you a seed after you won a match, but that made us run into some balancing issues of having unwanted (so sad) or too many ooblets.

Each treabie you offer will have a chance of winning them over which is currently based on that ooblet’s rarity and how nice your treabie is.

Cutscene system

This one isn’t all that exciting, but it took a lot of effort to get everything working for custom scripted camera actions and triggers. Hopefully it will make setting up quests and story stuff a bit easier.


I think we showed off a bit about this before, but we finally got it all finished. It’s basically a quest board but in the form of a man sleeping in a vending machine.

The idea behind it is that he works for Gotsaplop, which is a vending machine distribution service that sends all the stuff from the orders you complete to the vending machines throughout Oob.

Crafting ovens

We used to have a lot more specialized machines for each sort of craftable but it was getting unwieldy, so we put most of the food-related crafting in a single machine and created a new UI and interaction system for it.

There’s still a bit of work that needs to be done on the actual oven model(s), animations, and timing of everything.

Custom ooblet names

We finally implemented the ability to give ooblets their own names!

There’s a lot more but…

The pace we’re making progress is going beyond our ability to show everything off! That’s a really good thing for those of you who want the game instead of just devlogs about the game.

We’re going to try to keep our pace up to get the game out as soon as we can (while still making it really good!), so please stick with us!

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