Ooblets at E3!

We can finally spill the beans! Microsoft has invited us to show an early demo of Ooblets on the show floor of E3!

To give you some background, just back in March of 2016, Ben (perplamps) and I were just beginning to formulate our plans for our game studio and we were figuring that there would be a long slow build-up of making little games nobody heard or cared about until maybe one of our games would spark some interest and people might start taking us seriously…

Cut to today and we’re showing our first game off at E3! Things have happened so fast we can’t really make sense of it.

I’m a little short on details, but I assume the booth is going to be at the Xbox area (and probably more specifically, an ID@Xbox section of that). If you’re there, we hope you get a chance to play! We’re still a year out from release so a lot is going to change and improve between now and then.

PC Gaming Show

In similarly huge news for us, PC Gamer has invited us to unveil something big at their PC Gaming Show which will be streamed live on their website and Twitch and possibly other places… You won’t want to miss it.

Can’t make it to E3?

Don’t fret! Ben and I can’t make it over in person, either.

Besides the PC Gaming Show stream, I’ve heard rumors that Ooblets gameplay might just be shown on a couple of other big streams throughout the week… I’ll be posting links on Twitter as I get them, so stay tuned!