Devlog 2

So it turns out I’m not very good at writing devlogs. It’s been far too long! I’ve gotten way more done since the last devlog than could fit in a single reasonable writeup. We’re talking tons of new characters, new moblets, new buildings, new systems, new everything!

The reason there’s been so much progress but a lot fewer things posted to Twitter/Tumblr/Cartrdge is that making and posting gifs and screenshots is super time consuming and I’ve been rushing to get a playable build ready for November.

A playable build is a bit different than an alpha as it’s more of a proof of concept than anything you’d want anyone testing or giving specific feedback on. Up until now, the game has existed as a series of disconnected demo scenes for various mechanics and assets, and the playable build will start to tie everything together into something more resembling a game.

So here’s what’s new:


  • Inventory and hotbar system

  • Combat system

  • Entering/exiting buildings

  • Wild moblets system

  • Dialogue system


  • 8 new characters, like Arah:

  • 7 new buildings, like this barn:

  • 1 new region

  • Seed shop interior

  • A bunch of new plants, trees, and other environment assets

  • Train/trolley


  • Moved from Mailchimp to Constant Contact because the mailing list got too big for their free tier (and we have no money)!

  • Made a new temporary logo that I’ll probably replace

  • Redesigned the website but it still needs a lot of work

  • We got covered by Killscreen and Automaton!

Now what?

If you’d like to hear more about Moblets and follow along with its development, please follow me on Twitter and/or on Tumblr and join the mailing list at the top of the page!