Moving into an office, E3, friendship, and more - The June 2018 Devlog

Howdo! It’s yer bud Rebecca, the programmer and lead artist on Ooblets.

In case you’re new to our gamebaby Ooblets, it’s a farming, town life, and creature collection game that we’re squishing all our personality and hearts into. We’re trying to get it ready for release by the end of the year but it might get pushed later, we just don’t know!

Here’s what’s what from this month:

Officially officed

For the past two years, we’ve been working on Ooblets from our apartment. Just recently, though, a coworking space opened up in our small town and they had a room they were renting out as an office for $300/m. WE GRABBED IT!

New office dance

It’s got just enough space for both Ben and me to work and it’s within walking distance of our apartment.

We’ve been having fun making pack lunches and playing with the keurig machine that’s here. It’s like a normal coffee but more WASTEFUL!

Being able to afford this little office is thanks to my lovely Patreon supporters (it was even a stretch goal!) so huge shout out to all of them!

Me pointing at nothing in particular surrounded by 3 cups of coffee

E3 and a new dance-tastic trailer

Earlier this month was E3, which is a big gaming expo in LA. We didn’t go personally, but we unveiled a brand new trailer at the PC Gaming Show there.

It shows off a big feature we had been keeping secret for a long time, which is that our battles are all dance-offs! You can read more about it here.

The feedback we got from it was really positive, although some folks were like “dance battles?? nah I’m out” but hey, it takes all kinds.

We got some good press coverage around E3 and the dance battles from PC Gamer, Techcrunch, Variety, Kotaku, GameSpot, Nerdist, Giant Bomb, and lotsa others! We’re super thankful that people took an interest and like what we’re doing.

Big thanks to the organizers of the PC Gaming Show, Twitch Gaming, and Youtube Gaming for having us on their shows!


Ooblets is all about friendship, and the stuff we’ve been working on this month helps you keep track of all the friends you make.

The idea is that as you engage with people and do little tasks for them, you collect “friendship stickers” to put in your organizer (the “Grumboire”).

Once you get enough friendship stickers from someone, you’ll reach a new level of friendship with them which unlocks all sorts of stuff, like new items you can craft, new things available to buy in shops, and more!

Like the totally-real saying goes, a quantified friendship is a healthy friendship.

Watering canvaganza

Up until this month, the watering can (which we sometimes call a dribblycan for some reason) was magically always full of water, so we’ve demagicked it and now you have to fill it up at a tap on your farm when it runs out of water like a sucker.

There will be all sorts of upgraded watering cans you can buy that improve things like water capacity, time it takes to water, and stuff like that.


Dialogue options

Most of the dialogue in Ooblets is just people yakking at you or giving you questies, so we thought we’d spice things up a bit with multiple choice responses so you can join in the conversation!

We’re not sure what ways we’ll use it just yet, but it’s a good thing to have at our disposal.

More of Badgetown

The town you live in in Oob is called Badgetown and I’ve been slowly building it out and filling it in.

There’s a whole residential area now!

Seed greed

Need more seeds?? Can’t get enough seeds?? THANK GOOSESNAPS because we gotcha covered with all these new ooblet seeds:

Okay you go now

I gotta get back to making the game, but thanks for reading all this.

Oh and there are new pins available at our shop! Buy em all and cover your clothing and other possessions in them.

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Love ya!