Join the Super Fan Club!

We opened up our Patreon for Ooblets a couple days ago, and the response has been insane. I really wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but we’ve already gotten over 100 supporters!

If you’d like to help support us too and get more behind-the-scenes info, email updates on our progress, and the ability to vote on game development choices, you should become a patron, too!

So what is Patreon anyway?

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, Patreon lets you support content creators by subscribing to them. By doing so, you become their patron (hence the name, I guess!).

In return for subscribing, you can get rewards depending on which tier you’re subscribed to (see the right-hand side of our Patreon page).

Why are you doing a Patreon?

I’m not expecting to cover the development costs through this, but I think it’s a really cool opportunity to reach out to the game’s biggest fans and give them more access to everything we’re doing.

Another big thing is that it allows people to get email updates for dev logs and other updates, since we decided to only use our mailing list (that email entry at the top of this page) for really important news, like a release announcement.

The money that it does bring in can be used on some more tangential (AKA fun) expenses that we might not otherwise have sprung for, like t-shirts, more stickers, pins, and buttons to give out.

What if I can’t afford it or don’t want to?

That’s totally cool! Everything else is staying the same, so no need to fear change! We’re not expecting everyone to participate and we really appreciate all our fans regardless of how much money they throw at us.

If you’d like to support us in other ways, you can help by telling people about Ooblets, writing comments and replies, retweeting/reblogging our posts, and participating in the general Ooblets community.

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